Home Decorating Tip – Need Empty Shadow Box Ideas?

Would you like to make one or more rooms in your house a reflection of you? But, where to start? I will tell you a great way, that won’t break your budget, to give a touch of your personality to your home.

Here is an excellent home decorating tip – craft a shadow box in the style of your room. This is not only fun, but could be turn into part time income building boxes for others after some practice. But how do you turn an ordinary box into a masterpiece? I will let you in on some empty shadow box ideas.

To begin you need to decide what size.

For ideas on the styles of boxes available all you need to do is hop on down to your local hobby shop or craft store. You may be astounded at the different types. And sizes. When looking over sizes merely think of what space or area you are going to use them. Like a small one for the bathroom or desk. Likewise, you might need a large one for a living room. Just imagine the boxes you look at already in the room.

Find what style you like.

Golf is a great subject for a shadow box. You might want to craft it for yourself or someone you would like for them to have a personalized gift. Some ideas could be: old driver covers, some indoor-outdoor green carpet, maybe some sand and a ball would create a beautiful accent for the den or office.

In your kitchen, some dried or silk flowers and fruit in your shadow box will create a bountiful harvest feel. A smaller version would fit well in your bathroom areas.

For the pet lover the animal themed shadow box is a great addition to their home. Dog bones and paw prints, or some of your cat’s favorite toys arranged with pictures of your animals show how much you love and care for the four legged members of your family.

Like sports? How about adding some miniature basketballs, baseball bats, or footballs available at your local craft store. For the bedroom you might like a Hawaiian theme. Some sand, a miniature palm tree and a lei would create a Hawaiian project.

If you are itching to make a room filled with your personality. Jot on down to your local craft store where a few supplies plus your imagination can give you a wonderful conversation piece. Or build some for other people and grab some extra cash.

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